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cemeterys_art's Journal

4 April
External Services:
  • cemeterys_art@livejournal.com

graphics by cemeteryschild

This is my graphics journal. Here you will find all kind of FanArt - Icons, Header, Wallpaper etc.

Friend cemeterys_art, if you want to be up-do-date with my newest arts.

If you are searching for my private journal (semi-friends-only), please visit cemeteryschild

Please follow these rules:
Credit Making graphics is a lot of work, and the least of things you can do when you use my art is to say thanks in form of giving credit.
No hotlinking Hotlinking is evil! If you take any of my graphics, please upload them on your own server.
Textless aren't bases If not otherwise stated, it's not allowed to text or otherwise change any of my graphics.
Comment Well, this isn't really a rule, but if you take something, please leave a comment and tell me what you think or simply say thanks. Comments are Love after all...
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